2-19-13 by dave

The Sunshine held out for most of the day before the cloud deck moved in later in the day.  The morning session was still brisk even though the temps were warmer, the stout South wind kept the chill going.  Once again the Grooming Crew had prepared some smooth lines on all sides of the hill, but as the wind was cooking, it seemed they were bit firmer until the transported snow began to collect and the traffic shaved off the dust that built up for later velvet as the day progressed.  Lower Primrose was, once again, buffed out super wide and was even more consistent than the other day.  How do you choose when you have so many kicking choices?  Hit them all, and hit them often.  As anticipated, the wind began to fill the North East aspects as the day progressed and it was worth the time to go looking for the spots where the transported snow was landing.  I went out looking and found very nice lines way out on the boundary lines.   Tomorrow, look for a day of storm riding as the precipitation is looking like it will fill in for the day.  There areDSC01290 also numerous storms lined up for the week, so gird your grid for a big one. It is going to get deep.  The conditions are going to get soft again quickly, and the interference patters will mellow out as it gets deeper.  A few days from now the hard pack will be a footnote.  See you there for the storm riding fun!!!  Here is a shot to the South, with it looking like being in Heaven…. but there we are!!!  IBBY!!

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