2-20-13 by dave

This morning had it all going, with a flash accumulation of 1” of medium density snow, which fell in the first 45 minutes after first Tram docked.  This flash installment made a huge difference in the ride, with a nice cushion and buff on top of the nicely prepared Groomers.  The flurry moved through quickly, clearing off and revealed some nice bright Sun to make the dance floor illuminated.  I took advantage of the light to get a look around at the lines I wanted to check out.  This came in handy as the clouds moved back in as the morning progressed, making the visibility problematic from time to time.  The smooth lines on the front of the hill were holding the smooth nicely and hitting the empty lines was a lot of fun, especially as back to back Trams were a given with the light traffic.  I left at 2:00PM, when an impulse moved in with large light flakes falling in profusion.  If it kept up like that for any length of time there would be significant build up.  I think we might get some additional accumulation with the unsettled pattern, and since anything can happen here, I am going to hold the vision of a surprise in the morning.  Who is with me?  Tomorrow, look for another unsettled day, with some periods of Sun perhaps.  The South facing aspects have become quite crusty, but most other exposures are still holding the cold, but are still quite firm.  Look for the Groomers to be offering the goods as usual and light traffic.  Here is a shot of the Porcupine hanging out just off the trail as I was passing by.  Cute cuddly little guy, but a hug would cost you, as he looked prickly.   Peace Out!!DSC01309

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