1-19-18 by dave

Pounding South storm winds were pumping hard this morning, placing the Tram on hold. The wind was blowing most of the loose granules off the slope and into the trees, with only the low hollows capturing some of the soft transported accumulation. I worked some of the tree lines to take advantage of the soft sections that were being caught by the shelter. Traffic was light and there were few takers for the morning session. This was the scene in the locker room when I logged in. This system seems to be gathering strength as the front approaches. Now, here at The Trailer, it is snowing hard and that translates to real action up on the hill. The hill is set up nicely for this installment, and we will see marked improvement in the access to the off trail lines that have been a bit dodgy. Tomorrow, look for a storm riding day, with temps. being significantly colder, so dress accordingly. I got away with a light shell for the morning session, but I will be dressing heavily going into these next few days. Stay with the fat guts for the most promising lines, and avoid those high spots that are still holding some of those features in relief. This is an exciting storm cycle that will put the hill in a whole new light wall to wall. Stick with the trees for the best visibility and enjoy the Essence. I will be taking the day off tomorrow, but I will post with input from my deep cover sources. Enjoy the goodness. IBBY!!

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