1-20-18 by dave

An overdue installment of fresh essence was delivered with this storm, leaving 8″ and more on some aspects. The faithful were dialed and in line early to get the goods, making the drive up the hill slow, with patience being a virtue. Here is a shot that Wynonna sent me from here position at the mount of the Canyon. The pressure for first Tram was big, making other chair options a good call. One of the more overlooked options was offering the best access for those who know. I got more accumulation here at The Trailer than there was up on the hill, but judging by the fluffy consistency I was working with, the new product was a very welcome addition. Folks were stoked to be getting face shots again and access on some of the traverses improved markedly. It is amazing what a little fresh goodness will do. El Presidente sent me this great shot from the Peak with the cloud bank sitting in the Valley where it was snowing all day. With all the traffic, it did not take long for the bottom to become fully in play. This is when all your pre storm scoping comes in handy. Tomorrow, look for some more accumulation overnight, and a fair push for the goods. Dress for cold weather as the temps. are quite a bit lower. I will not be driving around with the top down for a while it looks like. More snow is in the forecast going into next week, so conditions will be getting better by the day. This new product will be getting machine worked into the mat, making the Groomers sweet and tasty. You will be able to exercise your inner Ligety top to bottom. See you there for the morning goodness. See the Line, BE the Line!!

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