1-21-18 by dave

Stout winds, lingering flurries, and very cold temps framed the day as the Faithful made an early dash for the goods. The overnight accumulation felt soft, but not enough to fully cover the layer underneath, except on the very low angle aspects. Still, it felt great to have the new Essence and dial in those full value turns. I was aiming for the deep sections which were easy to see despite the blowing snow. I was trying to work the piles and the blown in low spots that felt great under foot. While on the peak, I stopped in for a slice of Pizza from The Summit Pizza Oven. Here is a shot of a fresh pie less than a minute out of the oven. MMMMM Good!! Folks ask me where they can get the pie I post and this is it. I left the hill early to catch the New England game and avoid the line back down the Canyon. Tomorrow, look for amazing Grooming on all sides of the hill as the new snow continues to be worked into the mat. The off trail got fairly worked, but there is more waiting in the wings. I expect the firm underlying layer to still be in play, but I am going to stick with the lines I scoped out last week. The Traverses should be improving as more cover is added, but expect some wind scoured variations here and there. Be looking for the fat lines and avoid those raised features that have not fully been cushioned. Looks like more snow in the forecast, which will provide ample opportunity to dial in what you might have missed. That is what I am looking to do. Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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