1-18-18 by dave

If it is not going to snow, than it might as well Sun, and Sun it did for today’s festivities. The morning was warm, and I was able to drive around the hill with the top down. The Cat Crew did an over the top grooming job on all sides of the the hill, with a deep till that made all the prepared surfaces velvety and deluxe. Even long into the day the prepared lines were holding the goods, with Regulator getting soft and sweet in the 2PM window. After a couple of Lewis and Clark laps, I moved the focus to the Peruvian Gulch where it was brightening with the reflected light from Superior across the Canyon. It was great to get the fine detail that is lacking in flat light. I found all the smooth lines remained consistent all day long, and Big Emma was offering the smooth dust later as well. Here is a shot of an lovely Australian lady, who is an avid reader of the site. It was her first Tram and she was stoked to be getting on the first car of the day. It is so much fun to meet the folks, who come from all over the world that read the site. Tomorrow, look for that predicted weather to begin moving in. I expect South winds, which did not materialize today. There could be cloud cover that will be making the visibility flat and variable. We will have to see how it shakes out, but the precipitation is going to be moving in late in the day. I still will be dressing for warm conditions. Look for great Machine Worked runs on all sides of the hill, which will be offering the consistency that will make the flat light much more manageable. See you there for the morning vertical session. Syrup Won’t Stop ‘EM!!

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