4-06-15 by dave

It was a very cold morning, with stout winds, cold temps. and a cloud cover that was trying to let some Sun through.  Tenderizing efforts had been employed on the hill to provide some traction to the pack, and Mineral Basin felt smooth and consistent for the morning session before the traffic worked over the corduroy.  Thicker clouds began to move in, with some clearing threatening to brighten the day, but the clouds were moving fast out of the South and did not let the Sun make a break through.  Due to the cold and lack of Sun, softening was not going to happen, and I took the opportunity to ride the Forklift Chair to assess the options for the day.  Here is a shot of one of the bright spots of the day that was poised to lighten the spirit.  DSC02770Tomorrow, look for continued colder temps.  as the weather pattern continues to develop the predicted storm warnings.  In advance of the front, the winds will continue out of the South, but I will be dressing for the cold if today was any indication.   Look for the tenderized lines for the best traction, and perhaps some wind transported sugar deposits as it gets ripped from the frozen pack.  That was one of the highlights of today’s explorations.  I just love the feel of the sugar under my skies.  It has a totally different consistency than a drier, finer, powder deposition.  Look for those sweet spots for a treat.  Those off trail lines continue to be quite challenging indeed, and should only be contemplated only if you are ready to deal with the difficult variations.  Perhaps tonight might bring a trace on the hill, we will have to wait and see.  IBBY!!

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  1. marie says:

    Nature is so beautiful. Love the flower pic. Predicting at least one more gusty storm. Since I no longer have to commute. I will see what I can do ……. to make it happen !

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