4-05-15 by dave

The wind was howling this morning as the first Tram hit the dock, and though the thermometer said it was balmy, the wind and feel told a different story.  The Sun was calling for laps in Mineral Basin, where White Diamonds had been given another till for the day, with some more extensive lines down lower.  The front of the hill was seriously crispy and I took the time to visit the Forklift Chair to let warming occur.  The break was going to be long and slow as the wind kept the Sun from working the aspects and it would be 1:00PM before any real hair began to rise on the pack, though Mineral Basin was getting the sorbet feel much earlier. DSC02764 Here is a shot from a ride up the Baldy Chair, which I include as a non sequitur for comic relief.  The coverage is very good and it is just these South facing aspects that are taking a beating.  The rest of the hill is in good shape, and only some of the very high relief knobs are showing the shrubberies. Tomorrow, look for some weather to  move through quickly in the morning, but we will have to wait and see how it shakes out.  Though the Valley temps. are predicted to be in the high 50’s, I don’t expect much in the way of softening.  Look to the Groomers for smooth lines, but there will be crispiness for sure, so tread carefully.  Here is a shot of a few of the seekers waiting for the warming to occur and are calling it beer : 30.DSC02767Expect the holiday crowd to be gone for the beginning of the week, and enjoy the private resort feel that will characterize the morning session.  See you there to experience what only first Tram will reveal.  Others will just have to hear about it after we get it all.  Ciao!!

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