4-04-15 by dave

Temps. were still cool this morning, but the Mineral Basin lines had been retilled and were offering the goods for the entire morning session. Though lower Silver Dipper did not get the nod, the other lower elevation aspects did get worked, with good fast and fun lines top to bottom.  On the front of the hill, the Peruvian Gulch had been given those tenderized lines that capitalized on yesterday’s cold temps.  The morning session has been worth the early rise to get the consistent corduroy before the softening begins.  I have been getting the morning laps, to take advantage of the untrammeled goods until I head to the Forklift Chair.  Here is a shot of Wynonna, a key member of the Morning Crew, who gave me the inside view on the day. VFmpe9J7SBZdBWUeF1xsRIBOSB7Kea2k_Hu-W-L68vckORDvY6sUrH8bBlEpmuEyGsoS9G5IWHCzsauKV3mDS_-Xk9gUq4lHvovqeQz3jYheDNb55K-tC831ne4HZOH4M7Vg2A6FJmdupBZc6FF1AsB84Z7xRpzUWNXwXOV-knywqICr5VgegCA_G1BfzY9ebYKXA I do not like to just make up what I am writing, so I go to the deep sources for the accuracy that keeps it real.  Thanks Wynonna!!!  Tomorrow, look for another clear cold morning, nicely prepared Groomed lines, and fairly low traffic for the morning session.  The off trail is still very tricky indeed before softening, however, the High North is still being visited and is looking considerably smoother than just last week.  Some members of the Morning Crew went looking, but did not have very encouraging reports.  You will have to go sample those aspects yourself and see if you concur. DSC00762 While out in the far reaches the other day, I came across this beautiful emergence of the very rare Snow Mushroom that only makes an appearance during a deep freeze thaw cycle as the Big Return begins.   This location will remain undisclosed to assure that they will go unnoticed.  When the Sun comes out they just evaporate and are gone.  Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!

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