4-03-15 by dave

It was another crisp cold Winter feeling morning, with peak temps in the teens.  With the Sun shining in a clear blue sky, Mineral Basin was the call, where White Diamonds and The Lower Silver Dipper had been given a refreshed till.  Here is a shot of White Diamonds looking smooth and as fast as it was.  The North wind was blowing briskly, keeping the Sun’s rays from gaining much ground on the pack.  The front of the hill was quite firm, however, the fresh product hadDSC02759been worked into the mat, giving the surface a bit of hair and just a touch of traction.  I worked the Mineral Basin loop for the entire morning before retiring to the Forklift Chair to let the air temp. come up a bit.  An after breakfast loop of Mineral Basin found the sorbet feel hitting that White Diamonds line that felt lush and velvety turn after turn.  I worked the Gad side of the hill, wrapping a Mark Malu, Gad2, Gad Zoom loop to get a feel for the feel there.  With the cold temps. holding tough, the tilled runs were firm but consistent.  When I wrapped up the day at 2:00PM only very select aspects were even hinting at a break.  Here is a shot looking back up at Mark Malu during the after   DSC02760 breakfast lap.  The crew did an off trail test run to see just how gnarly things were, and found the ride seriously challenging indeed.  We all decided to stick with the prepared lines to keep the energy going.  Tomorrow, look for another cold morning, wide spread Grooming efforts with many freshly tilled lines, and a slow warm up as the day progresses. Watch those off trail lines for Gnar, as these lines will be very long to soften.  There was great music going on after 2:00 PM, making the Plaza a nice place to feel the vibe.  Here is a shot of the band rocking the Plaza crowd.  I don’t know how they kept the guitars tuned in the cold air.  That vocalist looks as cold as it was.  DSC02762I will be resting up tomorrow for the next week, which promises some weather in the forecast.  See you Sunday, but look for the post I put up for tomorrow.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!!

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