4-02-15 by dave

It seemed a full return to Winter this morning with very cold temps., marginal visibility, and fresh snow on the hill.  I hit the front of the hill first thing to take advantage of the fresh till and accumulation, which offered delightful consistency with the untracked cover.  The 8% density seemed to stick to the old layer, but was fated to be pushed into piles as the day progressed.  Mineral Basin seemed to have improved visibility, so I made a lap there on Second Tram to find White Diamonds buffed again and covered with freshness.  Lewis and Clark was offering low angle buffage that made the new accumulation have much more of a cushion than the steeper aspects.  The low angle aspects is where the best lines of the day seemed to be.  As the day progressed,  the Tiles and Piles condition began to make the turning a bit more difficult with the tiles being a bit slick.  I was aiming for the piles to bleed speed whenever possible.  Here is a shot of the pack holding tenaciously to the high ridge line. DSC02750 With the recent cold blast, the melt off has slowed significantly, which is key to extending the season.  Tomorrow, look for a clearer day as this impulse is moving East, but the cold temps will be slow to warm.  Expect some very firm conditions in the AM. and stick with the Groomers for the smooth ride.  Look for those tenderized lines for the best traction, but this new product will be tilled into the mat and should provide a much better ride. The visibility should make navigating easier with some Sun shining on the situation, but expect very slow warming and softening of the pack, if at all.  See you for the morning explorations.  Peace Out!!

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