4-07-15 by dave

Only a few of the faithful showed up for first Tram this morning when the few flakes that were falling at 8:45 AM turned into a full on dump for the first hour and a half of the day.  Here is a shot of the attendees as the Tram left the dock. DSC02772By the time the Tram hit the peak, there was a full inch of light density Essence on the dance floor.   This, combined with the very nice fresh till that the Cat Crew had prepared for us, made the top to bottom attack feel consistent and velvety.  I did a couple of laps on the Tram, visiting both sides of the front of the hill before heading into Mineral Basin to take advantage of a period of improved visibility.  There too, the new coating provided a very nice cushion, with untracked lines in which to revel.  More folks began to arrive, but the overall traffic was light and there was no waiting.  Still, off trail was going to be problematic, as the new coating did not do much to cushion the Gnar. After the morning blast, not much accumulation was added, but the new snow improved the overall traction and was not really enough to build any Harbor Chop.  The Sun tried to make an appearance, but was thwarted by the continued flow of overcast, leaving the quality in good shape.  The Carvinator, had just replaced the waterproofing on his boots with a color coordinated application of duct tape, and it came in handy as we were getting full on ankle shots just before the Forlift breakfast stop.  DSC02773Tomorrow, look for weather to be the feature of the day, with additional accumulation associated with the system that is moving in.  The forecast is  looks promising for substantial accumulation over the next couple of days, which will help out the coverage and quality on the hill.  Even some of the off trail lines may be worth a visit as the new coverage will cushion the variations of the pack.  That will help spread the traffic out.  Look for the Groomers to be the smooth lines that can be counted on for consistency and ride if the visibility is marginal.  Traffic should still be light as I do not anticipate a rush as one would expect, but we will see what happens.  See you there for the goods.  Don’t forget to SIZZLE!!

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  1. Hunt Kooiker says:

    Hi Dave,
    Nice to meet you today on the Snowbird Tram. (We talked about your insider joke about the “Forklift Chair”.)

    As an out-of-towner wanting to plan future “powder trips” to Snowbird, I have a question that perhaps some of your other readers might like to know the answer to also. Historically what is the best powder snowfall month for Snowbird?

    Hunt Kooiker, San Diego

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