5-17-13 by dave

It was overcast and cool on the Peak this morning, with the cold front still a few hours out in the West.   The snow pack had not frozen overnight, and the grooming job had left some beautiful granular corn on the machine worked runs.  With Peruvian Gulch a back country area, only minimal grooming had been done, though quite a bit more than I expected.  The lower third of the hill was not worked, so when I ventured off trail I had to deal with the week old surface, which tested my skills.  Below the top of the Gad Zoom Chair is also back country, but the grooming had been worked a bit more, and there was good coverage all the way to the skier’s bridge.  Mineral Basin was still covered, but the cold wind did not invite me to venture down there.  Regulator had that nice corn feel, with good traction and consistent sliding with no sticky spots.  There was a fair crowd, and the Tram was running back to back, however, it was tough to back to back the Tram with the care required to negotiate the lower mountain.   Despite the overcast skies, there was a festive mood, where everyone was still in spring skiing mode.  Here is a shot of the TUTU TWINS who were thrilled to be getting this late season goodness.  They surely brightened the day with these colorful threadsDSC01509 and beaming smiles.  Tomorrow, look for a soggy morning as the forecast is for precipitation in the AM.  Look for some overnight accumulation as well.  Be sure to dress for cold and windy conditions, as well as having your goggles ready just in case.  See you in the AM for the continued Spring festivities.  IBBY!!

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