5-18-13 by dave

The rain was po9unding on the Trailer this morning, so you know that meant snow on the hill, but at 7:30AM it was pouring on the deck, but by the time first Tram left at 8:30AM it was snowing with purpose.  The peak was offering 4 to 5 inches of very high density product that covered the hill with a frosting like consistency.  Getting off the top first, I held the right hand side of Regulator to stay clear of the full tram coming up behind me.  The untracked was very nice and felt very luxurious at this late date.  Regulator was the only run open for the first while, but Mineral Basin and the Road to Provo opened shortly afterward as the patrol got things squared away .  I have to admit that I bailed on the first run, taking advantage of my post position, getting untracked top to bottom.  My knees are really sensitive to the super dense snow, and as the product got tracked out is was going to work my knees hard, so I left it to the folks to enjoy.  The snow kept falling, building up to over 8” so it was great for the larger turnout that was streaming to the hill as I left to get things wrapped up for the move to the High Desert in the next while.  Tomorrow, look for some more possible accumulation overnight, and some freshly tilled Groomers to ply.  The off trail may prove to be a bit tricky after getting worked over today, but we will have to wait and see.  There are showers predicted to extend into the morning hours, so plan on dressing for weather.  Here is a shot from the peak yesterday, looking across at Superior with some coolDSC01508 clouds hugging the bowl.  See you for the first Bucket.  Peace Out!!

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