5-19-13 by dave

The Trailer was getting hammered by heavy rain this morning, but up on the hill it was snowing due to the much colder temps.   After yesterday’s installment had been machine worked, the 3 or 4” of medium density Essence had an early March feel.  The turns were smooth and easy on the Groomers, but off trail was very difficult after the super high density snow from yesterday had frozen up.  The Valley was clearing off, and here is a shot of the Valley with the Sun illuminating the Verdant new foliage.  The faithful were excited about the new installment, and were streaming to the hill continually.  Once again, I let the first untracked top to bottom run suffice for the day, as I had lots to do going into this next week.   Clouds hung on the hill most of the day, with windows of Sun peaking through from time to time.  The cold temps at the high elevations preserved the quality until later in the day when things got a bit sticky as the new snow set up.  More snow is in the forecast, and the snow pack will benefit from the addition, which will go a long way to making next weekend much better in terms of cover.  If this weekend had been a cooker, next week could have been marginal, but I think this new snow will help preserve the cover.  I will post again on Thursday with an update on cover and a first hand look at the hill.  Have a great week and Stay Frosty!!DSC01511


  1. M.J. says:

    It takes fresh snow after the mnt. close on sun. Had that. It takes a couple of days of warm sun with the cool nights to morf the crystals. Had that! It takes a freeze thursday night, had that!! It takes a blue bird day to start the early morning east face perfection!!!!Had that. This was the day that made the spring pass worth it.To BAD we could only look at silver dipper ,lone star, not corn yet.cham, O rock’s on the way to paridise powder.Is this the time I should thank the managment for saving my base and edge.Thanks Bob.P.S. 5/24/13 A day I will remember.

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