5-16-13 by dave

This week saw a significant melt off of the snow pack, which was quite evident on the lower mountain DSC01501as I drove up today to get a first hand look.  From the Canyon Road it looked as though you can still reach the bottom, but there may be some gaps.  I was not able to get up higher to see first hand, but I am betting, with caution, it can be done.  Peruvian Gulch and the mountain below the top of the Gad Zoom Chair will be considered out of area, and will be marked as such.  Mineral Basin and the Little Cloud Chair will be in operation to keep you going on the higher elevations, and that will be the best conditions on the hill.  It looks as if some weather is moving into the area for the next few days so be sure to dress for some inclement conditions.  Temps. should be moderate, but not super warm, so check the morning temps before heading up.    I have missed the daily adventures on the hill, and I am looking forward to getting back on the hill.  I will have the first hand report tomorrow, so stay tuned.  Here is a shot of Timp. down, South taken from my sojourn to the Far reaches the other day just to see what I could see.  See you in the AM.  Ciao!!

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