2-24-11 by dave

As anticipated, the early Trams offered pristine Grooveliciousness top to bottom, with a back to back pace.  Lower Primrose Path was going off, as well as an extra special buff on Regulator. Fully 3cm of fresh essence covered the dance floor, making those early trams untracked perfect.    The wind was massaging the off trail shots, smoothing, filling, and preparing the field for the next installment, which is at the door step.   This next stretch will certainly be interesting, as it comes on the heels of last week, once again adding to the legend of 10/11.   “It was so deep…….”!!!   You know the rest, and the rest will be legendary.  It is certainly a good time to be here.  With the wind smoothing things out, any additional essence will just make it that much better.   Some medium amplitude interference still inhabits the heavily traveled shots, but any significant accumulation will make short work of that, though their presence can be expected.  Check the road report for restrictions just in case.  To make up for the the marginal visibility today, here is a shot of yet untrammeled Essence out in Boundary Bowl, which is still leftover from the last installment.  PERFECT!!!    Peace Out!

Boundry Bowl

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