2-25-11 by dave

Today was quintessentially STUDIO!!!  The faithful responded to the snow report in large numbers, pushing the Tram line out to the Plaza at 8:30 AM. despite the road restrictions.  The 18” of  5% ESSENCE- and ESSENCE it was-  was overhead blower amidst a snow and wind storm going on during the entire day.  Two of the main areas remained closed, but there was plenty of room to explore the true depths of the hill.  On one particular North facing aspect, where the wind was blowing the product in as fast as it could get skied out,  I encountered a fully shoulder deep – this is no exaggeration- pocket of depth that , had it been higher density would have stopped me cold, but I blew through it effortlessly tunneling out the other side.  WOW!!!The density was so light that the under laying rumble was fully in play, so a nod to the smooth sections paid off, though it did not seem to matter that much to most people, but my knees were screaming for mercy.  As Noon passed, the South wind really started kicking in, smoothing and filling in the shots, making each run another untracked run.  This is the kind of powder day that keeps on giving.  Now there were plenty of folks who were rating this the best day of the year, and it was certainly the deepest lightest day of the year, but the rumble underneath was cause for me place just a slightly lower rating.   I just don’t want to rate things like that;


I will just say that the snow was STUDIO in the truest definition of the word.  Tomorrow, more of the storm is predicted to move in with a vengeance, so check the road report before leaving to head up the Canyon.   The day was so wild that I was not able to get shot that captured the feeling. Here is a shot of Robert, who graciously let me take his picture to illustrate the total involvement everyone was experiencing.  Thanks Robert, you got all of it!!!  So did everyone else!!!   I will see you Sunday after a days rest.   IBBY!!!!

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  1. mb says:

    Nice job catching the ‘1000 yard powder stare’ in photo.

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