2-26-11 by dave

Well, if yesterday was not enough, today provided even more of the calling Essence.  From all reports, the faithful were fully on hand to partake of this new installment  The higher density product that I was dealing with here at the Trailer, indicated that it was not as fluffulecent as yesterday’s Blower Fest.   The Canyon opened shortly after 8:30 AM, but I was not part of the line up waiting for the Go Time.   It snowed all day  here in the Valley, so you can bet the storm kept things fresh and moving.  Tomorrow, look for more accumulation, though how much is a toss up.  In any case it will be a welcome addition to the Legend that this cycle is building.  Check the road access in the AM. as there could be delays, but let’s hope for a Green to Go morning.   This is going to be a somewhat truncated report, as I was not there to get a close, first hand look at things, but I will remedy that tomorrow.   Keep your fingers crossed on the road!!!   Ciao!!!

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