2-27-11 by dave

An overcast hung in the Valley, but at the  upper elevations the Sun was shining , with the fresh snow bright as the first Tram brought the faithful to another offering of fresh Essence.  An indeterminate accumulation covered and filled the leftovers from yesterday’s treat.  The high traffic areas had just a low amplitude rumble, but the overall softness mitigated the interference.  As the morning wore on the cloud deck began moving into the Canyon, placing the lower part of the hill in the fog.  This deck would eventually move through letting the Sun peak through.  With the extra deep accumulation of recent days, the Groomers are excellent, but do not hold up to the traffic for long.  The High North facing had also benefited from the wind work, where smooth carvelicious turns could be had wall to wall.  The West facing was also holding some smooth soft shots, but the rumble was just a touch more insistent.  The conditions are so consistent overall, that any call of shot will be a good one.  You just can’t miss.  The due South facing might catch a little Sun effect, but should not present any issues tomorrow.  Tomorrow look for the Groomers to be smooth and tantalizing, with the off trail still good to go.  Little Cloud , Powder Paradise, and the exotic trees did not open today, so there will be some fresh to be had if those areas open.  With the current slide danger, those openings are an open question, so you might luck out and get the drop.   Speaking of getting the drop, here is a shot of Little Cloud just waiting for YOU!!!!


I am looking forward to another great day at the Bird.   See you there!!!   IBBY!!

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  1. chris cage says:

    Dave you do a great job of letting people know what is going on at Snowbird you are spot on for the evaluation of the mountain

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