2-23-11 by dave

The 2”  snow report did not draw the attention of the faithful, who were still resting up from the last installment and power frenzy.   The ones who chose to attend the opening were treated to  a unsuspected treasure, as an impulse hung on the hill dropping up to 10” of ultra light Angel Dust in Mineral Basin, and the High North aspects on the front of the hill.  Curiously, the lower mountain did in fact see 2”, but the bonus round was going off in a big way.  No crowds, no pressure, no hype, leaving the untracked realms track free fully till Noon.   Even the late afternoon held  some very deep pockets that just added to the bonanza this day held.  The wind had indeed filled the High North aspects, which made those shots consistent and hard drive ready.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to offer some perfect carvelocity top to bottom.  The South facing did not absorb too much radiant heat, due to the fairly brisk temps., but they may seem a touch set up in the AM.  You can expect continued softness on most of the other  aspects, with only very sparse reminders of the old crust layer still lurking.  No worries.  With the next system moving in, the light may be an issue, so be sure to get there early for best visibility if we get a break in the approach.  Mineral was just majestic with this morning’s sunshine.   Here is a shot of the Book ends just before they opened it, offering fully boot top depth for the lucky ones who were there.  Don’t let the goods find you napping!!! Peace Out!!

Hilary Step


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