Storm Day

2-17-09 by dave

On the morning news there was a story about a semi which had over turned on I 15 and spread hamburger all over the highway and there was a massive traffic tie up and nobody was going any where fast.  I found this amusing in light of an old Fire Sign Theatre bit about hamburger on the highway in Mystic  Conn.  I had a feeling it was going to be one of those days !!  Got up early and it was snowing super hard and the first tram was delayed due to the pace of snow fall.  The powder folks were well represented and there was a massive skier tie up and no one was going any where fast.  Then they closed  the mountain for control and more waiting.  Meanwhile the snow kept coming with “Gusto”.   It was deep and getting deeper!!!  Finally things got rolling and the fun began.  The wind played a big roll in the consistency .   The lower mountain skied much better than the upper but it was all good.  As I sat in the Cliff Lodge  it was unreal the pace of the snow fall and the ,sometimes, horizontal direction it was going.  Yikes.  Full on hard core snow storm .  Getting back to the valley at 5:00pm  it seemed that things were clearing off but I am not convinced. I think lake effect will take over tonight for more freshness tomorrow.  Even though there was a lot of waiting it was really great to spend the time with so many  friends on such a day .  You can find greatness if you look for it.  Tomorrow, Yes!!!!

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