Big wind Big fun

2-16-09 by dave

The day dawned overcast with high clouds so viability was good.  Wind was nuking out of the south so the classic north shots were in rare form and no one showed up.  The big smoothing hand blended the natural and machine grooming seamlessly together.  The cat crew polished off lower sections to a fairthee well and the buff was totally over the top with peak to bottom goodness  MMM  MMM!!!  Walk on trams and howling wind put together a sweet combination of rippable options.  Most bumps are now eliminated so new snow will have a very nice substrate and drilling the fall line will be good to go.  The wind seemed to mellow out a bit as the day progressed but most leeward catchalls were filled.  Some spots had breakable slab but others were supportable and covered in butter.I took a long recon look around and lower sections had not yet fully received the windage so there could be a few surprises but not to worry.  It felt like skiing a big desert all day.  Such  sweet fluffulecence.

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