2-15-09 by dave

Perfectish is how the Revatola put it.   Honkin winds on the peak and scouring transport with yesterdays snow had  re distributed it in some very nice places.. Wind out of the south east placed long rivers of deep deposits.  As the wind increased these areas started to slab over but later, with traffic, became hero snow where one can do no wrong.   Visibility was great all day .   The tram went down at 11:00 am with some electrical problems but was back up running  for the rest of the day.  Did some recon runs and  found the snow deep and soft in the trees.  The deeper in the softer.  Bump build up is negligible and snow quality buffered the ones that remain.  The cat crew, again, did a masterful job of punching some big fall line shots which made me feel like I was in the Tri chutes;  big long and steep.  Just perfect.     Checked things out in the back bowl and the wind had affected it to some degree.  The snow  was still very pleasant but demanded attention.   Looks good for the next storm and tomorrow should be low traffic and wicked smooth.  I’m looking forward to it.   Hydrovelvet!!!

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