Power drive

2-18-09 by dave

Today took full power drive .  Left overs from yesterday were totally blastable.  Smoothness underneath made the big shots solid top to bottom.  The wind and snow density began showing signs of thickening as the day progressed .  The back bowl opened and took a lot of pressure off the the front side..  Back side was great by all reports as I took advantage of the walk on situation at the Tram.  Snow continued lightly all day and was ultra light.  The sun made a few appearances and some were given a surprise sunny run.  Bonus!!!  The weather looks like we are going to see some warming  which will mean that special attention to aspect will become more important as we get further into the season.  The shade areas will still be holding and more snow looks good for next week.  The beach was THE location for a special birthday festivity with a stellar turn out even as the wind and snow swirled around.   A fitting end to a great day!!

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