The Sun Returns

2-19-09 by dave

The morning began clear, cold and quiet after a long stretch of weather.  The first runs were covered in the most  gossamer angel dust which fell overnight.  Those first runs were just worth the price of admission.  The temps remained cold all day preserving the snow quality over most areas.  The big pillows were good to aim for ,blowing apart , often with a face shot.   You can’t hate that.  Little cloud opened for the first time in days and had a wide variety of consistencies spread around.  Most aspects  were nice and deep but a bit dense. It payed to carry extra speed  to blast with.  The north facing shots were still fat and not totally worked over first off but received continuous traffic with the improved visibility.  The day warmed up a tad in the later afternoon and the sun did touch a few of the most direct aspects so they might be a bit off first thing.  Once again the grooming is excellent but these areas are not holding up all day with the fresh snow but are still a good place to aim for when you run out of gas.  Continued smoothing will be required so be ready early.  It might be a WING day!!!

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  1. Brother Jay says:

    What? No pictures of the wing in action?


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