Wind Effects

2-20-09 by dave

The tram went off early today and walk on trams held all morning.  Light wind out of the north continued to build all day.  The north facing held up well but was beginning to require tough love to get through it .. South and west facing  was getting touched and had a zipper crust forming in the most exposed areas.  Wide open areas were thoroughly skied out but were  still somewhat punchable and required some persuasion.  We were pleased to see another major buff zone today, courtesy of the cat crew, setting it up as a real big mountain shot sans bumps.  I have pointed out before that you have to hike long and hard to access a shot so big and steep.  When I get a shot like that I always put a lot more into it and get as much as I can out of it.  Like sipping fine wine.  MMM  MMM Good!!!  The forecast is for some more high pressure but the next instalment is coming so scope out the bump situation in the popular areas, I am.  Wind really picked up in the late afternoon beginning some nice transport to some selected areas making them satin smooth.  The wind has a way but takes time for shots to get filled in.  Keep that in mind for tomorrow. Ciao !!!

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