5-02-11 by dave

This morning was Sunny, but seriously chilly to start things off.  A major creative Grooming project was in evidence as the morning crew checked out the special preparations. Lower Silver Fox, and Lower Primrose Path were offering steep edge- able goodness, as the temps yesterday did not seriously degrade the Winter cold in the snow, so things were good top to bottom.  Hot Foot Gully was also given the treatment, which included a push down the entire length of the Gully that has never been treated as long as I have been here.  WOW!! Mineral Basin was offering velvet smooth Groomers, that kept me lapping the loop before moving back to the front of the hill to start pounding the ground for vertical accumulation.  I came across the inimitable Flex La Luge, who was doing his best Carvesaurus Rex Demonstration, leaving deep trenches with each bite of the hill.  Impressive!!! The day remained cold all day, and only started to truly soften at 3:00PM, when the lifts closed for the day.  Tomorrow, look for an overcast morning with some crispy Groomers on the lower mountain.  The upper elevations should still be holding the cold on the North aspects.  The High North aspects are still holding the cold, but have developed significant medium amplitude  interference patterns, which kind of detract a bit from the full on charge lines we know and love.  Be sure to pay attention to the obvious direct Sun exposures, as those off trail shots will be very difficult to negotiate.  I saw some intrepid individuals plying some of those aspects out in Mineral Basin, and it did not look like any fun at all, but that is me.  They may have been having the time of their lives.  See you there for the first Boat!! IBBY!!

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