5-03-11 by dave

  There were snow flurries this morning for first Tram, but they gave way to very nice Sunshine as the morning progressed.  The Grooming crew,once again, out did themselves in providing 3 lower mountain drops, as well as some fun surprises up high.  I took advantage of the uncrowded hill to fly my Wings for the first 5 runs of the morning, during which I got to light up the after burners and go super sonic!!!  Yeow!!  The grooming crew had also done some very nice tenderizing in Peruvian Gulch to give things a bit more traction, but the cold temps. of yesterday left most of the Grooming very edge- able, though the Gad side of the hill was significantly firmer.  By Noon the warm temps. really thawed out the dance floor, and by 1:30 PM. the apron on the lower mountain began to get quite sticky indeed.   Tomorrow,  look for the Groomers to be very crispy, but look for some tenderizing efforts to have been made. The off trail had absorbed the heat and will be very difficult on most aspects until softening occurs.  The Sun will be out in the morning, so follow the Sun for best results.  Mineral Basin will be the first thing to soften, so plan to start there on the East facing shots.   I like the morning crispiness and the low traffic patterns to fly my Wings, so I will see you there for first  Bucket.  IBBY!!!

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