5-04-11 by dave

 It was a beautiful morning, but it was very cold.   The Grooming crew was out early doing some tenderizing passes to aleviate the hard pan, which did work to some degree, but the cold air was not helping the softening process at all.  At 12:00 Noon even Mineral Basin was rock solid with no sign of a break.  I took refuge on the Forklift Chair to let softening occur after 3 tries to find a line that did not rattle my eye balls.   By 1:30PM there was a glimmer of softening, but the goods did not get good until the closing bell.  The day was beautiful, the snow was fat, the energy was high, but I just could not find the groove, even though I stayed around until the end.  Tomorrow,  there will be a Canyon closure until 8:30 AM to do a Gun test, so don’t go rushing up there.  Of course, things will be very crispy again, so anytime will be a good time.   I am bummed that this will be the last week of full week operation, what with all the snow pack, but it will open again the following weekend.  Get there when you can, but be waiting for the softening, as it is not that fun skittering across the frozen cat job.  See you there.   Ciao!!

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  1. 3D says:

    Even in a record depth season, the time has come when some of these conditions will keep us honest through the morning and sometimes even all day. ;-b

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