5-05-11 by dave

 I got there early this morning to take advantage of the vacant Groomers and fly my wings with no traffic to deal with.  The cold of yesterday made the Grooming  job very velvety and smooth on the upper mountain.  The Lower part of the hill needed quit a bit of time to thaw out.  The Grooming crew did a beautiful job of providing a number of great surprises that kept me hitting the front side of the hill.  Mineral Basin was going off first with the Sun and higher temps. of the morning, so there was good sliding there right off the bat.  Tomorrow, look for the cold overnight temps. to have frozen all aspects up, so waiting for the thaw is prudent.  Today the hill began to break at Noon, with Regulator waiting longer to go off.  Big Emma was also long in the process, but when it did break it was delicious. I like to let the softening to occur  by spending some quality time at the Forklift Chair.  The skiing is great and I find it hard to believe it is almost over for the regular season.  Get there for the greatest season  ending conditions in a very long time.   Peace Out!!

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