5-06-11 by dave

Well, it finally happened, we got a full dose of full intensity Sun along with mild overnight temps.  Even though the base temp. was 47 degrees at 8:00AM. the snow pack froze solid with the residual cold.  I took advantage of the light traffic to fly the Wings once again, where I was able to achieve MACH 3 at times.  The Mineral Basin side was going off first, but the front side was waiting until 11:00 AM to begin breaking.   Regulator held out until 1:30 PM, but that is West facing and you have to follow the Sun.  Later in the day the off trail became very accessible, with the High North aspects still holding a touch of the cold, but it is also holding that low amplitude rumble, and the folks I saw charging it were getting thrown around quite a bit.  The day got so hot that the Canyon closed when some wet slides came off the South facing gulches.  The hill also got very sloppy, so any early morning assaults will leave you skittering across the grooves.  That could spell trouble if you happen to catch an edge at high speed.  OUCH!!  I think the 11:00 AM threshold will still offer the best timing for the main breakage, but Mineral Basin will again let you get a jump on the day.  They have been treating some very fun shots out there lately, using the huge base to go where they never have before!!  There is some weather coming in for Sunday, so take advantage of the margin before the lights go out.   See you Sunday!!

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