5-07-11 by dave

 It seems like just yesterday that I was taking pictures of the light dustings on the highest peaks in anticipation of this season.  That was the first part of the cycle that got us all pumped up.  That is the thing about cycles, they keep on moving and there is no stopping them no matter the frantic visualizations to the contrary.  So begins our  snow pack’s return to the liquid state, though on the very positive side we have a mother lode to keep us hiking and getting those weekend openings in.   Today was another beautiful day, though it is my day off, and I am sure it was just as much fun as it usually is.  I saw some clouds moving in over the high elevations, but that probably held off the sticky factor, though I was not there, and all my inside contacts were not answering.  Tomorrow is predicted to begin some snow showers, so the visibility may be an issue, and the thaw times may be much later or non existent, but it is the last day of the regular season and the official Last Tram.  I will not be able to make it, however, but I will be there in spirit.  I have had a blast writing this piece every day and I have felt very connected to all the faithful who have spoken with me and given me such great positive feedback.  I will continue to report on the week end sessions to keep you posted on the conditions  as the cycle progresses down stream.  I’LL BE BLASTING YOU!!

5 Responses to “RETURN CYCLE”

  1. SkierDigs says:

    hey Dave, thank you for sharing.. always a pleasure

  2. Niff says:

    Thanks so much Dave for all your wonderful reports. They let those of us who can’t be there in person be there in spirit.

    I have read & enjoyed every one.

  3. SrDave says:

    Recently retired and had my first season pass ever at Snowbird this year. What a place and what a year! Reading your blog added a lot to the year. Hope you are back next year. I will be.

  4. Mike says:

    Dave, I echo the thanks expressed by Niff. I too, have read every entry you’ve made this season and while I only had the chance to ski the bird over three days in February, I have experienced the conditions every day through your posts. From Seattle, a heart-felt thank-you for a great season!!

  5. TommyO says:

    Dave, Thanks for all of the posts this season. Looking forward to more posts for the weekends and hopefully next season. Great work that is really appreciated!

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