5-01-11 by dave

It is May 1, and it was 10 degrees on the peak at 9:00AM, with winter powder left over from yesterday.  The entire mountain had been opened yesterday, so the only remaining freshies were out on the Nuckle Head traverse, where perfect winter Essence was being accessed by the few who took the time to venture that far over.  For myself,  I went all the way out to Thunder Bowl, where I was treated to knee deep, bottomless, winter wonder, with not one soul to be seen.  I got it all to myself, top to bottom, and never crossed a track.  I counted myself blessed, and felt like I needed a cigarette, and I don’t smoke.  Because of the attendance, the shuttle buss was running, so I was treated to a lift back to the Center instead of having to slog all  the way back.  Bonus!!.  I left at 1:00PM. with the temps still holding the chill, but the Sun was beginning to gain headway on the direct exposures.  As anticipated, the Groomers were sensational, though there was firmness down on the lower third of the hill, but that is to be expected.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to still be providing some rock and roll goodness, though the Lower Mountain will be getting firmer, but I don’t anticipate any boiler plate.  The Direct Sun exposures will be problematic off trail, so stay on the High North, which should still be holding the cold, but the firm under layer will be in play.  The low amplitude rumble is still an issue, so expect to be staying loose to suck up the vibrations.  The High Pressure is here now, and with it the temps will become more spring like, so that spring wax application might be in order to avoid the stickiness.   The YTD report was 711”, and it is not over yet by a long shot.  Lets keep the ball rolling.   Peace out!

4 Responses to “WINTER POWDER”

  1. kevin cantin says:

    come on man, are there no sacred places left on the mountain….exotic trees worked…are maps next?

  2. dave says:

    Secrets? There are no secrets on this hill anymore. The exotic trees have bumps in them for the most part, so I don’t think that infering a verbal gesture in that direction is any different than talking about the High North. One must move against the crowd momentum and go in the oposite direction to get the goods these days. Maps? Not a chance, and I still will not name runs unless it is like so obvious that it is a moot point. Sorry Kevin, you know the score here as well as I.

  3. kevin cantin says:

    yah dave I know the score there. I just don’t publish it.

  4. kevin cantin says:

    Dave, I didn’t say secrets, I said sacred….big difference.

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