4-30-11 by dave

Should have, could have made it up there today, what with the serious lake effect that rolled through the valley, hitting the front with full winter Essence.  I just did not have it in me, after a long week of working the variations and seeking the fine lines.  It looks as if we might see a bit more accumulation for the next day, but the High Pressure is setting up, so we may finally be getting a corn cycle going.  Of course, perfect is perfect, no matter the depth, and Corn Goodness has it’s own rewarding version of perfection.  There is nothing like shaving the crystals, or feeling the sweet sherbet carvasciouness that a MAZOLA finish delivers.  The goodness of MAIZE!!! Tomorrow look for the Groomers to be going off, as the freshness gets tilled into the mat once again.  The off trail will still be feeling good, but any Sun exposure today will have set things up for the morning, making those direct exposures a fair bit touchy.  The High North should still be the call, if the overcast lasts the day preserving the cold, so keep your fingers crossed.  Here is a shot I got of snow Elementals shining in the morning stillness, just after they assisted in delivering the Essence. Thank you bright lights of nature!!!  See you tomorrow.   IBBY!!!


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  1. turnin pete says:

    any band on the deck today?

  2. turnin pete says:

    must have been a zoo today, the pow looks too good

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