3-21-11 by dave

Spring is here by the date on the calender, but you could not tell by the happenings on the hill, where the South wind had filled in the North faces, which featured perfect carvation top to bottom, with just the overnight snowfall.  The faithful did not respond to the 2” report, so the back to back Tram pace let the folks who made the appearance wrap the goods run after run.  At 12:30 PM. the front rolled through bringing heavy snow fall and very limited visibility, but that did not seem to matter, as the mountain smooth made the lines good to go despite the line of sight.  The Essence piled up very rapidly, making some of the far out reaches almost knee deep before long.  This was my kind of powder day, where the untracked stays untracked, and the walk on Tram pace rewards the patient. The forecast is for just a small amount of accumulation, but the way the snow was dumping, who knows how much will it will bring.  I am holding out for some serious accumulation. Another nice feature is the disappearance of the crusty layer, which was going away rapidly, and only occasionally felt under foot.  How nice is that?  The conditions will be just keep getting better as we move through this cycle.  Mineral Basin and Little Cloud remained closed again today, due to the high wind and slide danger, so we have those areas to look forward to going into tomorrow.  Additional big mountain shots were Groomed for this morning, providing some full on power charging lines to finish out the bottom of the hill.  I just got the call about the Snow Night, so the Canyon will be closed in the AM.  Be sure to check the access in the AM.  Hope to see you there for the push well past the 500” mark!!! IBBY

2 Responses to “SPRING”S HERE”

  1. Ian Mason says:

    Was a killer day. I don’t understansd the mentality of people? This was a good as day as Tuesday, yet Tuesday Snowbird was again overwelmed with people. Great day!! The wind made the essence even better!…or butter!

  2. dave says:

    I don’t understand the thinking either, but I am sure glad that the faithful flag that issue. Those powder days are the private stock that the hungry seeker keeps to themselves!! Don’t let the secret out!!

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