3-22-11 by dave


The Canyon opened a bit earlier than anticipated, and the faithful took full advantage of the slack to be present for the 4” report.  The 2” report of yesterday seemed to have caught them napping, so it was not going to happen again.  With Twitter, Texts, Face book, etc. the word got out, so there was no excuse to be left out of today’s festivities.  Needless to say, that was the deepest 4” I have seen in some time.   The medium density Essence filled and cushioned the lines, leaving them shredtastic, with folks going full out, full blast, sliding as if it was the last snow of the season.  The Tram line was backed up, but the chairs were fairly accessible, with very little wait at all.  Mineral Basin opened, offering some of the smoothest lines imaginable.  Though the wind was blowing at a gale force, the consistency was STUDIO!!!  The only drawback of the day was the visibility, which really tested your inner vision.  I was working with my knowledge of the pitch variations to gauge where I was  as I moved down the hill.  As there are few trees in Mineral, and none where I was working,  that was the only reference that I had.  Fortunately, my inner guidance, and some help from the TRANSMISSIONS, got me down the pitch without incident.  Tomorrow look for a bit of clearing ahead of the next installment, and with the approach will come the wind, which will have plenty of product to transport to the obvious aspects.  The snow was still falling as I left, and the few rays of Sun that peaked through the clouds did not affect the freshness.  The mountain is in fine shape with barely any hint of the crusty layer, though there may be some wind scoured sections that may reveal the crust, but just keep your eyes pealed for that.  As the visibility was not conducive to great photos, I did manage to get this shot of ” His Stealthaciousness”, just after re entry from the depths of the OVER HEAD ZONE, where one can only imagine the intensity of that run.  No doubt he was fully immersed in the ESSENTIAL PIT of BLISS!! You just had to be there!!! Peace Out!!

5 Responses to “DEEP 4””

  1. Joe Ivory Mattingly says:

    Deep four inches would be understatement of the year.

  2. UtRider says:

    Deep 4″

    That’s what she said.

    I must agree with your assessment of the skiing. I was at Brighton and it was fantastic.

  3. Ian Mason says:

    Faceshots down Badly..Thank you snow gods

  4. Aloha Dave

    Love that photo of you. No snow in Kauai.
    Next year switching my 6 weeks at the Bird from Jan/Feb to Mar/Apr

    Great reports


  5. dave says:

    Thanks for the props, but that shot is of HIS STEALTHACIOUSNESS!! My stash can’t hold a candle to that!!!

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