3-23-11 by dave

It was a bright and sunny morning, with a strong South wind blowing in another system for the next two days.  The wind was working hard to fill in the High North aspects, which were smoothing continually as the day progressed.  The Sun, being very high in the sky now, was beginning to heat the snow pack rapidly, especially the most direct aspects.  The heat even began to affect the lower elevations, where things started getting a bit stiff.  The Groomers were particularly smooth, with the fresh snow tilled into the mat, providing a dance floor to RUMBA on.  Tomorrow, look for more of the High North lines to have remained soft, but be aware of the Sun affected aspects as they will be tricky at best, so choose wisely.  The other consideration is the storm that is moving in, which , by various forecasts, is slated to begin at some point tomorrow. Some say early, some say later, but in any case the light may be a tad on the flat side, so be there early for the best shot at any glimmer of sunshine.  The interference patterns are beginning to develop in the high traffic areas, which combined with the stiffer product will be somewhat problematic as the morning begins.  With more Essence on the way, the conditions will improve once again , getting us back in gear.  This time of year the quality factor goes with the territory, so plan accordingly.  See you there early for the low traffic, high energy vertical assault!!!

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  1. Ian Mason says:

    So much goodness in the air..The timing was right for me. 1st tram Powder P…..was full of Essence!! And it continued from there…only to end it with wind blown north facing shots. I highly under rated day…Still managed to work 8 hours, this is why we love SLC, or Snowbird.

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