3-24-11 by dave

Ok, this was one of those days that a Powder Seeker treasures, where there is a report of a trace, the first Tram gets 4”, and by the time I leave the Planetary Office at 11:30 AM or so it is knee deep in the Upper Cirque.  The South wind, combined with the ultra heavy precipitation, conspired to create a day of blower, all to yourself fluffulecence, with No pressure No hype perfection.  The snow fall began as medium density, cushioning the ride before the colder air lightened the Essence, which continued to stack up at an incredible rate.  As anticipated, the crunch factor was in play on the aspects that saw yesterday’s Sun, making those shots a bit tricky despite the fresh Essence.  I stayed with the known smooth lines of the High North, though I did venture out to those zones just to see “what for”, and I got exactly “what for” with the screaming pain in my knees as I bounced, deflected, absorbed, and generally survived the pitches, even though I was getting face shots in the process.  Tomorrow,  more snow is predicted to be on tap for another Double Powder day.  SHHHHHH!!! With the traffic working the product into the old layer, new Essence will only make most aspects a ” Back to Winter delight.  There may be some lift and area restrictions, so the Tram line may be a bit more populated.   The High North is still holding the best big mountain smooth, but the Grooming crew is working hard to provide additional smoothness for the ground pounding pace setters.    Yesterday, I had the sublime privilege of accessing the far reaches of the Wasatch.  Here is a shot of a huge giant pitching section, where I was able to pull into the Pit and ride the Giant.  Epic!!  Peace Out!!


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