3-25-11 by dave

Over night the wind worked the hill, filling in the High North aspects as well as creating some breakable wind slab to deal with.  The low overnight accumulation did not signal the faithful, who once again had to be cajoled into action by the Tweets, Texts, etc. to get them motivated to partake of the serious accumulation of the Essence.  Though there was a few inches of fresh to begin, the front brought a deluge, which began stacking up as fast as it could get skied out.  The far reaches still were being ignored, as the easy pickings were focused on, leaving face shot deep sections open for the taking.  The density was fairly light, though it did begin to cushion the ride over some of the crunchiness on the South and West faces.  Fully 10” of accumulation was around my car as I left the area, with still heavy snow fall continuing till the closing bell.   Tomorrow, will be one of those Powder days that magazines portray, and the early risers will be treated to Utah’s finest product.  I, however, will be taking the day off to rest up for the next few storms that are lined up for the coming days.  The lack of sunshine, and cold temps. will have spared the snow pack from deteriorating, so tomorrow will offer great lines no matter where you point them.  You just can’t miss!!!  Powder Paradise and Little Cloud remained closed, so those areas will offer some of the deepest runs of the season, and I am not exaggerating.  If you happen to miss out, more is on the way, and the hill is prime for greatness, so your patience will be rewarded.  Stay tuned for the updates as we move through the next few days, and the subtle changes can be accurately articulated.  As you know, things happen here on an hour by hour basis, as today’s rapid accumulation will illustrate.  See you Sunday!!! Have Fun!!! IBBY!!

3 Responses to “ANOTHER WAVE”

  1. Bob Dwore says:

    Hello Dave,

    Another great to day to be alive and to be on the big hill. It sounds like we’re in store for more pow as the storms appear to be lined up in our favor.

    When you get a chance, send me your email address and I’ll forward a few choice amateurish photos we took yesterday that show just how deep the conditions were and are. By the way and as we discussed yesterday………..Right Reg/Eddie Mo’s was killer all day long………as it often is on deep days.

    See you on the mountain soon,

    Bob Dwore

    (The original Bobby D)

  2. Chris Peterson says:

    Dave – when do you think we can ski Pipeline? I get more butterflies the closer it gets!
    Thanks! Chris

  3. dave says:

    Pipeline is going to be problematic this year due to the Ice Lens that is still lurking from January’s EVENT. They tried to check it out some time ago and had very serious trouble with being un negotiable and had to retreat. It might open some time later this spring, but I would not hold my breath.

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