3-26-11 by dave

Today was a transitory day, as the next system moves in.  The wind was working the hill, slowly filling and smoothing the dance floor.  It was 9 Degrees on the peak at 7:30 AM, so the day was not going to warm up too much, as the Sun was shrouded by the high cloudiness.   The Groomers were carvelicious for the folks who were streaming up the Canyon in droves hoping for the deep Essence.  The accumulation from yesterday did not hold up, and was still fairly skied out, though the softness factor was still in full effect.  The forecast is looking for, perhaps, as much as a foot, so tomorrow will be looking good.  The crunch layer will still be in play, though the severity will be mitigated greatly, so expect some variability to the full drive line.  That should not present any real issues, but  just adjust for the possible encounter.  The hill is still holding the smooth overall, but the lower elevations have developed some high amplitude interference patterns, but these zones may be circumvented if required, or charged fully for the Hot Dogging inclined.  Look for the Grooming crew’s handiwork for the big mountain smooth, which , for me, is a treasured feature, as my knees are really feeling the strain of the seasons heavy ground pounding.  We are holding off the relentless march toward Spring, so take advantage of every day of this Winter blast that helps to keep time in the hold pattern.  See you in the AM.   Ciao!!!

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