3-20-11 by dave

A very nice accumulation of medium density Essence fell overnight, to which the faithful responded with exuberant energy.  Who could blame them, after the wind had smoothed the North facing aspects for the occasion.  The higher density quality helped cushion the ride, providing a buoyant and explosive charge that made the attendees quite vocal, with shouts and exclamations of delight.  The wind was still hitting the hill hard, setting up the windward sections with a bit of extra density, while the  leeward shots were filling in with extra depth.  The wind kept filling in some of the ignored sections, making them untracked run after run, as no one could actually see them.  Score for those who had dialed those areas in.  Lower Silver Fox had been given the Grooming treatment, which featured big mountain smooth and a steep charging line.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to have really shaped up into special treats, as the fresh accumulation gets re tilled into the mat.  The off trail will still be offering soft and fairly smooth lines, as the cold overcast preserved the quality all day, keeping the Harbor Chop from building up.  Mineral Basin  and Little Cloud will also be in play, as I don’t think they opened today, though I may be wrong after I bailed at 1:00PM to get a bit more rest for the coming week. There is more good vibrations coming upstream, so the party is not over yet.  The hill is prime for the next installment, and will be pushing well over the 500” mark, as the overnight total hit 499” for the season.  It is big and getting bigger, so wax up for some overhead thunder!!! IBBY!!

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