3-19-11 by dave

The Trailer was rocking all night long with the South wind blowing the Array totally out of whack.  I spent the better part of the morning re establishing contact with the Home Planet.  Meanwhile, on the hill, the wind continued to work the surface, though most of the transportable snow had been moved yesterday, so those folks, who were on hand for the blast, were rewarded with some ridiculous buffage.  The High North remains smooth, though the hard surface is exposed and will still be a factor, unless we receive some adequate accumulation, which does not seem to be in the cards overnight.   Tomorrow,  look for some accumulation to help improve the dance floor, and take advantage of the grooming efforts, which always provide the fun factor to get you up to speed.  Since the Sun did not really work the product, the serious crunch should not be as much of an issue as it was earlier this week.  Still, use your eye and inner sense to choose the lines for best results.  I chose poorly several times last week and had to deal with the technical issues that raised.  Ouch!   Sometimes you can’t just traverse out to a better line, and must survival turn your way out of things.  More snow is on the way earlier this next week, so the hill is set up to bring it once again.  Just a few more inches till 500”!!!   Here is another interesting sighting I captured last week, just as I was thinking that I had enough aluminum foil inside my hat.   I was wrong!!!  Muldar was right!!   Peace Out!!

Yet another sighting

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