3-18-11 by dave

The snow was pluming off the peak this morning, as the South wind blew hard ahead of the next system that is going to move in later this weekend.  The High North facing aspects were beginning to benefit from the deposition, and continued to develop a carpet like consistency as the day progressed.  These are my kind of ” NO Powder- Powder Days”, where the faithful do not show up and there are fresh tracks to catch every run.  The wind just kept filling in the sections as fast as the tracks could be placed.  Even though the Sun was up, there was a distinct chill to the air, which kept the surface from becoming gloppy.  The Groomers were also benefiting from this transport, offering  a real treat top to bottom, with a living room shag opulence that just kept getting smoother  with the traffic and wind.  Tomorrow, look for the High North to continue  getting filled and buffed, so be sure to take advantage of the rarity of a such special conditions.  The Groomers will also be off the chart smooth, for the morning vertical charge.  Look for some additional lower mountain shots to, perhaps, be given the extra care, as they will be well worth the laps before they get discovered.  Here is a shot I took of Fields of Glory, that was getting the ultra wind buff.  It is a rare day that you get to continuously lap this exposure and get it perfect every time. I needed a cigarette after this run, and I don’t smoke!!! I mean, REALLY!!!   See you Sunday!!

Perfect is Perfect

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