3-17-11 by dave

The overnight storm moved through like a freight train, after the Weather Dude predicted a slow mover.  Instead of 18”, we received barely 8” of medium density essence, which drew the the faithful in a full court press for the goods.  The high density stuck to the old layer, cushioning the ride, though the bottom was always in play no matter where you went.  Some aspects were deeper than others, so it was a toss up as to line choice.  I took the Mineral Basin option from the peak to avoid the large line at the Tram.  Mineral had experienced a bit more wind, leaving some lines wind slabbed and grabby, but a little aspect adjustment eased that issue. The High North aspects were offering the smoothest, most consistent lines of the day.  These shots will continue to hold up, as this product is resisting the harbor chop effect on the open runs.  That does not hold true on the highly traveled sections, which were getting a touch rasty toward 1:30 PM., however, it was fairly simple to circumvent that pesky problem.  Tomorrow, look for the Groomers to be really exceptional, with the new freshness being tilled into the mat for carpet like perfection.  The shrouded Sun light did not seem to be affecting the hill too much, with the help of the cooler temps. that were holding  off the glopping problem, which is usually associated with storms this late in the season.  This last installment significantly improved the conditions, and has set the stage for the next weather push predicted for later this week.  See you in the AM for ripping good fun and entertainment!!! IBBY!!

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