3-16-11 by dave

The Trailer was rocking all night long, and the wind was still hauling out of the South as I drove up the Canyon.  I checked the Tram situation, only to find that it was down due to the wind.  I beat a hasty retreat to the Forklift Chair to commiserate with the other daily attendees, to see if there might be a break in the trend for the day.   The snow line was just at the top of the Wilbre Chair, so the rain at the Plaza was not too much of a concern.  As the morning wore on the precipitation backed off, but the reports coming off the hill were less than enthusiastic, so I just wrote this day off as a day off.  This next system looks to be fairly wet and persistent , promising to heal the hill of the current marginal condition.  The mountain smooth is still holding up well under low traffic, which will deliver smooth lines with any accumulation.  The warm air ahead of the front should provide wetter snow to begin the application, but the Westerly flow may be just the prescription for getting us back to a Winter feel.  The prediction is for 8 to 18” for this first installment, with more on the way  upstream.   The stage is set for another of those cycles that we enjoyed just recently.  Check the road for access in the AM. as it might be greasy at best and closed at worst.  See  you there tomorrow.  Peace Out!!!

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