3-15-11 by dave

This morning’s offering had a significantly freshened feel to it, as the new snow had been tilled into the Groomers, giving them a very carvelicous quality.  I started out in Mineral Basin, where White Diamonds had been buffed, and had a nice velvety winter snow traction that got my motor running .  I took that stoke to the front of the hill, getting Regulator and Chips with a full throttle assault, while the dance floor remained uncrowded.  The high North facing shots are still holding the smooth softness, though there is a decided solidity to the substrate that does not lend itself to full tilt boogie, but it is still good to go taking whatever drive line you choose.   The Sun broke out in a big way after the Planetary Office meeting, driving up the temps., and affecting the snow pack.  Tomorrow, look for the lower mountain to have crusted up a bit, though new Essence is in the forecast, so the conditions will be improving by the minute.  The high North will continue holding the smooth, so any accumulation will bless those shots with blastability.  Over all, the hill is holding up the smoothness factor fairly well, and is not getting the heavy traffic that raises the interference patterns.  For those folks who look for those patterns,  the lower mountain is offering some fairly high amplitude formations for your consideration.   West facing aspects are a bit variable, with the crunch factor not lending itself well to an unleashed attack, so if we get some accumulation, expect to find the bottom reflecting some serious rumble.  This new snow will put the hill back into the winter mode, moving it away from this Spring like moment.  I am NOT ready for the transition yet; NOT EVEN!!!  They were working on the Towers today, riding the carriage to access the work zone.  That must be some ride!!!   IBBY!!!


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