3-14-11 by dave


After yesterday’s Sun, today’s overcast skies did not ramp up the enthusiasm factor for me, but I got to the hill to try and get the morning Sun before the cloud deck moved in for the day.   Mineral basin offered a sweet till of White Diamonds, which was very nice, though the light was so flat that I could not really make any detail out on the surface. The light on the front of the hill was not much better, so I made the most of the smooth and headed for the Forklift Chair, where it is always good.  The snow began to fall at 10:00 AM, which made a huge difference in a very short time.  The visibility seemed to improve with the snow fall, somehow adding definition to the surface.  Upper Silver Fox and the Upper Cirque are still very smooth as well as Baldy, all of which have escaped the heavy traffic due to the recent Competition.  These aspects, and all of the high North facing shots will be benefiting the most from any accumulations, as we move through this unsettled weather pattern for the next stretch of time.  The hard frozen surface will be getting covered, and the initial snow fall was rather wet and sticky, which will stick to that layer, and also cushion the ride as well.  This flow of storminess will be coming in waves, so while the visibility will be intermittent, the overall conditions will be improving markedly.   I have to admit that my enthusiasm level was very low today, so I bailed right after my stay at the Forklift.  But that was just me.  If I don’t have it in me, it is best that I just call it good and try again tomorrow.  Since the visibility was so marginal today, I thought that I would include this  shot I took of the Phifferhorn, from the boundary line above Gad 2.  Most folks don’t get to see this vantage point, so I thought I would share it. IBBY!!!

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  1. Mean Gene says:

    Agreed. If you’re not enthused, it’s good to take a break…

    Once the snow started today, the visibility improved enough to ski. And once the warmth got to the snow, it was plenty carvable… While the temp wasn’t cold, it was a WET day..!! Thankfully, no wind.

    The falling snow ebbed and flowed, and the last run was in the SUNSHINE..!!! Then, back to clouds. There were more bumps than I expected.. guess the cats had other work to do. A cat rebuilt the jumps in the ‘park’… and the grandkids were bummed that Miners Camp was closed…. we had to go looking for jumps (!!!!)

    At 5pm it looks like it can’t decide to cloud up more or burst out in sunshine.

    Keep rockin Dave..!!!

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