3-07-15 by dave

The temps. got up to 60 Degrees today here at the Trailer as I rested up from last week’s fresh snow and ripping runs.  I was able to establish contact with the LYRAN system which is very far away, and one contact that has been of great importance to the Galactic Federation.   All happening from this little Trailer.   Up on the hill, the Groomers were offering the ground pounding fun for the first hours of the day, as the quality is holding up nicely with the cold snow that was delivered.   With Spring coming back, the aspects that get cooked will be the ones to watch in the morning for crusty and tricky lines if you venture there.   The Groomers have yet to absorb enough heat to be too crispy for those morning laps, though that will not last long if these temps keep up as they have been.  Here is a shot I took the other day as I rode up the Peruvian Chair with the Sun coming through the trees.  DSC02645Tomorrow, look for another great day with warmer temps., though it may be a tad brisk for the first few runs of the day.  You can always drop a layer, and it is tough when you get that North wind on the Chair ride if you are not properly dressed.   I have found this out the hard way, so I know the deal.   The Groomers will be great once again, as the Cat Crew has out done themselves putting down some righteous lines.  Check the Grooming report for added treats that crop up now and again. There was a real rare treat offered Friday, and I had to hit it several times.  See you there for the fast morning fun laps.   Syrup won’t stop ‘EM!!!

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