3-08-15 by dave

Though the Sun was shining and the sky clear, it was a brisk morning with that North breeze making the air have that cut to it.  Yesterday’s warmth had been much more damaging to the cold in the snow pack, leaving those South facing  aspects very very crispy indeed.  I needed to put the breaks on to deal with the kitty litter that was kicked up by the ski traffic.  It would take until 10:30 or 11:00 AM for the break to begin.   On the front of the hill, the cold was still holding up, with the big Peruvian drops prepped for fun.  Lower Primrose Path was dry, chalky and smooth, but it did require full attention to detail to keep from getting bounced out of the line.   The off trail is getting progressively more set up with only the High North still holding the dry chalk, though the low amplitude rumble is wide spread with high traffic areas building the deep interference patterns.  Here is a shot of the Twins taken from the Landing out in Mineral Basin.  DSC02667Tomorrow, look for another crispy morning on the South facing Groomers and it would not hurt to let them soften up a bit. The front of the hill will still be holding the cold, but the last 500′ may have been hit with some of the ambient heat. Be sure to factor that into a full on assault.  I still will be hitting the Mineral Basin circuit for the morning session because I just love that excursion to the out lying areas come what may.  That way I can confirm my prognostications.  That prepared section of Mark Malu has been a great call while waiting for things to soften, as it has been offering some great dry chalky lines to work on.  See you there for those morning fast laps.   Ciao!!

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